cd: PABLO HONEY (Parlophone 7360, 2/93) [also on lp, cass] you /creep /how do you /stop whispering /thinking about you /anyone can play guitar /ripcord /vegetable /prove yourself /i can't / lurgee /blow out

cd: THE BENDS (Parlophone 7372, 3/95) [also on lp, cass] planet telex /the bends /high & dry /fake plastic trees /bones /[nice dream) /just /my iron lung /bullet proof ... i wish i was /black star /sulk /street spirit (fade out)

cd: OK COMPUTER (Parlophone NODATA 02, 6/97) [also on cass, 2xlp] [some w/ sticker; "including the unreleased song 'exit music' from the film romeo & juliet"] airbag /paranoid android /subterranean homesick alien /exit music (for a film) /let down /karma police /fitter, happier/electioneering /climbing up the walls /no surprises /lucky /the tourist

cd: KID A ( Capitol/EMI, 10/ 3/2000)(also on cass, LP, limited release packing) everything in its right place/Kid A/national anthem/how to disappear completely/treefingers/optimistic/morning bell/in limbo/idioteque/motion picture soundtrack

cd:  AMNESIAC (Capitol/EMI 6/ 5/01)(also on LP, limited release packing) packt like sardines in a crushed tin box/pyramid song/pulk/pull revolving doors/you and whose army?/i might be wrong/knives out/amnesiac (morning bell)/dollars & cents/hunting bears/like spinning plates/life in a glass house

cd:  I MIGHT BE WRONG : THE LIVE RECORDINGS [Capitol/ EMI  2001)(also availble on LP) the national anthem/ I might be wrong/morning bell/like spinning plates/idioteque/everything in its right place/dollars and cents/true love waits


cd: PABLO HONEY (Capitol CDP 8140924, ../93)(US) [+ 1track;] creep (radio version)

cd: PABLO HONEY (EMI E2 0777 7 84109 2 4, ../93)(Canada)[+ 1 track;] creep (radio version)

cd: PABLO HONEY (Toshiba EMI TOCP-8115, 12/93)(Japan) [reissued 1998] [+ 5 tracks;] pop is dead /inside my head /million $ question /creep (live) /ripcord (live)

cd: THE BENDS (Parlophone 8521352, ../95)(France) [+ 3 (live) track cd;] LIVE A L'ASTORIA or LIVE AU FORUM

cd: THE BENDS (Toshiba EMI TOCP-8489, 3/95)(Japan) [+ 2 tracks;] "when i'm like this" [how can you be sure ?] /killer cars [early copies list 'how can you be sure ?' as 'when i'm like this']

cd: OK COMPUTER (Toshiba EMI TOCP\50201, 5/97)(Japan)