Many bands have had interesting starts. Radiohead is no different. From their struggles, to their success this is their story.

The band began, as a group of 14, 15, and 16 year old boys. Signed to EMI in 1991, their success was second to their friendship. Because they practiced on a Friday, this was their original band name when the band originally formed in 1987. Comprised of the members that are still in it now, they sent out a couple of demos to no avail. They heard their band name, Radiohead, in a song from another group, and so they changed it. They then released their first album, Pablo Honey, with much success. Recorded in two and a half weeks, they found success with their single "Creep". Coming out in 1993, they were in the middle of the grunge movement, and the song spoke to many people. Then when the movement went away, they were dubbed a one hit wonder. They toured extensively riding on the success of Creep then went into the studio to record The Bends.

The Bends, released in 1995, was much different than their album. Mostly done in Abbey Road Studio, The Bends was a hard process. Sonically different and harder to produce, the band struggled to get what the wanted out of the process. Because of their hard work, they created one of the best rock albums of the 90's. With the success of the singles like "High and Dry", "Fake Plastic Trees", and "Street Spirit," they toured with a true fan base. But their most successful endeavor was yet to come.

With the release of Ok Computer in 1997, the public accepted their album with much praise. Recorded in a farm house in the countryside (previously owned by Jane Seymour), they were able to develop OK Computer with their own sense of what they wanted the album to be. The album was given the highest honor, a Grammy nomination for album of the year. They toured, again with the album, and the other songs under their belt. The album, dubbed progressive rock, was anything but. It, to many fans, was just an evolution of one great rock band.

Their achievements reached with Ok Computer could possibly never been recreated in another album. But, being forever the evolutionary force, they are going to try to reach the stars with their fourth album, Kid A, released on October 3rd. From what critics are saying, this album will be very successful.  Well the critics and the fans were amazed with the beauty and the success of the album.  Not only did it reach the number one spot on the Billboard chart the first week of its release, it also was nominated for four Grammys.  And unlike its predecessor, OK Computer, Kid A took home the Grammy for best alternative rock album of 2000. They are touring now, playing Europe and eventually North America.

Their most recent release, Amnesiac, is as powerful and compelling as the rest of their work.  Musical pioneers, they continue a progression to reach heights. This album is stirs the senses and shocks the soul with its musical beauty. Amnesiac was released on the sixth of June 2001.  Amnesiac has also been nominated for a Grammy, and the Band and Kid A have been nominated for several British Music Awards

The poetry of Thom Yorke and the talents of Colin and Jonny Greenwood, Ed O' Brien, and Phil Selway, Radiohead will be successful until their breakup and the power of their music will reach way beyond that. They have been compared to Pink Floyd, which is not a bad band to be compared too. The beauty of Radiohead is unmatched, and will never be fully matched. From their humble beginnings to  where they are now, their fans worship them, the critics love them, and they continue to have success.

And now, see their success firsthand..