The Band


120 minutes

Shot from the music video Just

In the studio

In the studio for Q article

Promo/Photos layouts

arms crossed

In the shadows

Dressed in Black (also as a poster)

Band in Black


Black and white

From and article (Thom is smoking a cigarette)

Shot from the music video Just

Nice image

Black and white (Thom is whining)


Sittin' in some deck chairs (Thom is really close to the camera)

On a stoop

Inside of the Pablo Honey booklet

Pink lights are pretty

Thom in a Harvard sweatshirt

Loungin' in some lawn chairs

Rare poster

Another rare poster

In the pillars

under tall buildings

Q cover

Leaning against a wall

the band on TV (also a poster)

Close ups (blue image)

Spin cover

2 squatting, 2 standing

Cover from Spin11.00

Digitally enhanced band from 11.00 Spin

Shot with names and what they play

Black and white (Thom smoking a cigarette)

Back of the Bends booklet

Shots of the band live

Thom sticking his tongue out

Thom flipping the bird

Jumping of the stair