Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood

DOB: November 5, 1972

INSTRUMENT: How long have you got?

EDUCATION: Abingdon School; began course in psychology at Oxford Poly.

PREVIOUS JOBS: Went straight into band.

FIVE KEY WORDS: Funny, erudite, impatient, splint, fringe.

FAVORITE MUSIC: (Past influences) Jazz, Miles Davis, Elvis Costello. (Current faves) Mo'Wax, Can, Pink Floyd's Meddle.

NOTES: Wrote The Tourist, the final track on OK Computer.

WHAT THE OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT HIM: "He's got an environmentally-friendly stunt kite!" (Colin) "He likes having as many instruments as possible in his corner." (Thom) "Jonny made us all watch Pink Floyd At Pompeii and said, This is how we should do videos." (Colin) "He's completely colourblind. Apparently when they were kids Colin used to change the paints around in their paint boxes and Jonny would end up with all these disturbing pictures." (Phil)