*Those of you who want to get a hold of the things that are on this list, you just have to email me or Instant Message me (screen name is CoKeBaabY)


Seven Television Commercials (available only on MPEG)

- Fake Plastic Trees

- Just

- Paranoid Android

- Street Spirit

- Karma Police

- High and Dry


- Pyramid Song

"Live at the 10 Spot" (only on VHS, I can dub it and send it to you--2 sec. blank out in tape)

"Meeting people is easy"

Exit Music (live in '98)

Idioteque (from SNL '00)

Knives Out

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Stop Whispering

National Anthem (from SNL '00)


Concert Bootlegs

"Live at the 10 Spot"  12.19.97 (the entire set, including what was played in commercials)

Glastonbury '97

Holland 6.24.97

Boston 8.14.96

Manic Hedgehog demos 1991, Tom in San Francisco 7.11.93, Various Live (Compiled together on one disk entitled "Manic-Depressive Acoustic Computer Hedgehogs"

Creepshow: The Whisky, Hollywood CA. 1993

Paris 9.20.00

Compilation burned disc I made in 98 entitled "GreenPlastic Radiohead"

Paris, France 4.20.01

NYC, 10.11.00

Nancy, France 6.15.93

Nijmegan, Holland 4.16.00

George, WA 6.23.01

(More are available when I get them...or trade a concert that you have for you own copy from my friend Brent at



Banana CO./Big Boots (Man O' War)/Bishop's Robes/Bulletproof/Coke Babies/How can you be sure?/How I made my millions/India Rubber/Inside My Head/Just/Lewis (mistreated)/Lozenge of Love/Lull/Maquiladora/My Iron Lung/Nice Dream/Nobody does it better/Nothing to Fear/Permanent Daylight/Phillipa Chicken/Rhinestone Cowboy/Stupid Car/The Bends (Demo)/The Trickster/Sparklehorse w/Thom Yorke-Wish You Were Here/Unkle w/Thom Yorke - Rabbit in your Headlights/Unknown Song


A Reminder/Airbag (Live and Acoustic)/Anyone Can Play Guitar/Banana Co. (Demo)/Big Ideas/Black Star (Acoustic and CD)/Bones/Climbing up the Walls/Creep (Acoustic and Acapella)/Creep/Electioneering/Exit Music (For a Film)/Faithless, The Wonder Boy/Fake Plastic Trees (Live)/Follow Me Around/High and Dry (Acoustic and CD)/How do you/How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found Again/I Can't/I Promise/Karma Police/Killer Cars (Live)/KillerCars/ Let Down/ Lift/Lozenge of Love (Acoustic)/Lucky/ Motion Picture Soundtrack/ No Surprises/ Paranoid Andriod/Pop Is Dead/Prove Yourself/Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/Pyramid Song (Acoustic)/Ripcord/Stop Whispering/Street Spirit/ Subterranean Homesick Alien/ Talk Show Host/The Bends/The Bends (Acoustic)/Thinking about you (Acoustic and CD)/True Love Waits/Vegatable/Wonderwall (Oasis Sucks)