cass: WHAT CAN YOU SAY?/stop whispering /give it up (no cat. no. [demo #1], 4/91)

cass: I CAN'T/nothing touches me /thinking about you /phillipa chicken /you (no cat. no. [demo #2], 10/91)


cd: DRILL EP prove yourself /stupid car /you /thinking about you (Parlophone CDR6312, 5/92) [3000 only]

12"/cass: DRILL EP prove yourself /stupid car /you /thinking about you

cd/cass/12": CREEP /lurgee /inside my head /million $ question (Parlophone CDR6078, 9/92) [6000 only]

cd/12"/cass: ANYONE CAN PLAY GUITAR/faithless, the wonder boy /coke babies (Parlophone CDR6333, 2/93)[cass. package in card case] [uk chart: 13-Feb-93, #32, 2 weeks]

cd/12"/cass: POP IS DEAD/banana co. [acoustic; Signal radio, cheshire] /creep (live) /ripcord (live) (Parlophone CDR6345, 5/93) [live tracks from the town & country club, london][uk chart: 22-May-93, #42, 2 weeks][cass. release packaged in card case]

cd/7"/cass: CREEP/yes i am /blow out [phil vinnall] remix / inside my head (live) (Parlophone CDR6359, 9/93) [digipak][clear vinyl][card case] [live track from the metro, chicago]

12": CREEP (US LIVE EP) creep [acoustic; KROQ radio, LA] /you (live) /vegetable (live) /killer cars (live) (Parlophone 12RG6359, 9/93) [uk chart: 18-Sep-93, #7, 6 weeks]

cd: MY IRON LUNG/the trickster /punchdrunk lovesick singalong /lozenge of love/lewis (mistreated) /permanent daylight /you never wash up after yourself (Parlophone CDRS6394, 9/94) [1+2 of set] [blue/red digipak]

12"/cass: MY IRON LUNG/punchdrunk lovesick singalong /the trickster /lewis (mistreated) (Parlophone 12R6394, 9/94) [no'd slv.] [card case] [uk chart: 8-Oct-94, #24, 2 weeks]

cd: HIGH & DRY/planet telex /maquiladora /planet telex (hexadecimal mix)/planet telex /high & dry /killer cars /planet telex (l.f.o. jd mix)(Parlophone CDRS6405, 2/95) [1+2 of set]

12": PLANET TALEX (hexadecimal mix) [by steve osborne] / planet telex (l.f.o. jd mix) [by l.f.o.]/planet telex (hexadecimal dub) [by steve osborne] /high & dry(Parlophone 12R6405, 2/95) [no'd slv.]

cass: HIGH & DRY/planet telex (Parlophone TCR6405, 2/95) [card case][uk chart: 11-Mar-95, #17, 4 weeks]

cd: FAKE PLASTIC TREES/india rubber /how can you be sure ?/fake plastic trees (acoustic) /bullet proof ... i wish i was (acoustic)/street spirit (fade out) (acoustic) (Parlophone CDR6411, 5/95) [1+2 of set][card case + poster][acoustic tracks from the eve's club, london]

cass: FAKE PLASTIC TREES/india rubber /how can you be sure ? (Parlophone TCRS6411, 5/95) [card case] [uk chart: 27-May-95, #20, 4 weeks]

cd: JUST/planet telex (karma sunra mix) /killer cars (mogadon version)(Parlophone CDRS6415, 8/95) [1+2 of set]

cass: JUST/planet telex (karma sunra mix) /killer cars (mogadon version) (Parlophone TCR6415, 8/95) [card case] [uk chart: 2-Sep-95, #19, 3 weeks]

cd/cass: HELP EP (Go! Discs GOD CD135, 10/95) lucky / P J Harvey - 50ft queenie (live)/{Guru - momentum}/{Portishead - untitled}

cd: STREET SPIRIT (fade out) /talk show host /bishop's robes (Parlophone CDRS6419, 1/96) [1+2 of set][+ poster]

7": STREET SPIRIT (fade out) /bishop's robes (Parlophone R6419, 1/96) [white vinyl] [uk chart: 3-Feb-96, #5, 4 weeks]

cd: PARANOID ANDROID/polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) /pearly* /paranoid android /a reminder /melatonin (Parlophone CDNODATA 01, 5/97) [1+2 of set][white/mauve card slv.]

7": PARANOID ANDROID/polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) (Parlophone NODATA 01, 5/97) [clear blue vinyl][white die cut slv.] [uk chart: 1-Jun-97, #3, 4 weeks]

cd: KARMA POLICE/climbing up the walls (zero 7 mix) /climbing up the walls (fila brazillia mix)/meeting in the aisle/lull (Parlophone CDNODATA 03, 8/97) [1+2 of set][white/lt. blue card slv.][sticker listing b\sides]

12": KARMA POLICE/meeting in the aisle /climbing up the walls (zero 7 mix) (Parlophone 12NODATA 03, 8/97) [white slv.][sticker listing b\sides] [uk chart: 31-Aug-97, #8, 3 weeks]

cd: NO SUPRISES/airbag (live - berlin, 3-Nov-97) /lucky (live - florence, 30-Oct-97)/no surprises /palo alto /how i made my millions (Parlophone CDNODATA 04, 1/98) [1+2 of set][white/yellow card slv.][sticker listing b-sides]

cass: NO SURPRISES/palo alto /how i made my millions (Parlophone TCNODATA 04, 1/98) [plastic case] [uk chart: 18-Jan-98, #4, 4 weeks]

12": NO SURPRISES/palo alto (Parlophone 12 NODATA 04, 1/98) [released 19-Jan-98, not chart eligible]