cd: CREEP /yes i am /blow out (phil vinnall remix) /inside my head (live)(Toshiba EMI TOCP-8129, 1/94)(Japan) [live track from the metro, chicago][same tracks as UK release] [? available as "japanese promo" - opal music ad. 1/98]

cd: ITCH (Toshiba EMI TOCP-8285, 6/94)(Japan) ["tour souvenir"] [cd booklet includes biog. in japanese and lyrics in japanese and english] stop whispering (us version) /thinking about you (ep version) /faithless, the wonder boy /banana co. (acoustic) /killer cars (live) /vegetable (live) /you (live) /creep (acoustic)

cd: HIGH & DRY/planet telex /maquiladora /planet telex (hexadecimal mix) (Toshiba EMI TODP-2497, 4/95)(Japan) [3" cd][long, fold-out card slv.]

cd: LUCKY / PJ Harvey - 50ft queenie (live){Guru - momentum}{Portishead - untitled}(Polydor POCD 1204, ../95)(Japan) [same tracks as UK release]

cd: PARANOID ANDROID/polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) /pearly*/let down (Toshiba EMI TOCP-40038, 7/97)(Japan)

cd: LET DOWN[dj copy] [PCD-0849)(Japan) [6 track promo]

cd: NO SURPRISES / RUNNING FROM DEMONS ["this is a mini album - aimed at the japanese market"] (Toshiba EMI TOCP-50354, 12/97)(Japan) [black digipak slv.] no surprises /pearly* [remix] /melatonin /meeting in the aisle /bishop's robes /a reminder


cass: CREEP/faithless, the wonder boy (.., ../..)(US) \par cd: stop whispering (chris sheldon mix) /creep (acoustic) /pop is dead /inside my head (live) (Capitol C2 7243 8 58019 2 1, ../93)(US) [live track from the metro, chicago]

cd: STOP WHISPERING/prove yourself /lurgee (Capitol .., ../..)(US) [re-issue]

cd: MY IRON LUNG/the trickster /punchdrunk lovesick singalong /lewis (mistreated) /permanent daylight /you never wash up after yourself (Capitol .., ../..)(US)

cd: FAKE PLASTIC TREES/ planet telex (hexadecimal mix) /killer cars /fake plastic trees (acoustic) (Capitol C2 7243 8 58424 2 9, 3/95)(US)

cass: HIGH & DRY/fake plastic trees (Capitol 85885374, ../95)(US)

cd: HIGH & DRY/india rubber /maquiladora /how can you be sure ? /just (live) (Capitol C2 7243 8 58537 2 2, ../96)(US) [live track from the forum, london 24-Mar-95] ['maquilladora' spelling on inlay]

cd: AIRBAG: HOW AM I DRIVING EP (Capitol C2 7243 8 58701 2 5, 4/98)(US) [digipak slv. w/ 12 page booklet][this is a mini album aimed at the usa] airbag /melatonin /pearly* /a reminder /polyethylene (pts 1 & 2) /palo alto /meeting in the aisle [? possible release due on re-launched Sub Pop singles club]


cd: CREEP (radio edit) /creep (Capitol DPRO 79684, ../93)(US) [promo]

7": CREEP /anyone can play guitar (Capitol S7\17591\B, ../93)(US) [green vinyl, no ps][jukebox only promo]

cd: CREEP (Capitol DPRO\79850, ../..)(US) [orange cd][promo][? tracks - killer cars (live)]

cd: STOP WHISPERING (chris sheldon mix) /stop whispering (Capitol DPRO\_79243, 10/93)(US) [promo]

cass: PABLO HONEY (Capitol C4\81409, ../93)(US) [advance promo] [12 track cassette, does not include 'creep (radio friendly)' - inlay features 'anyone can play guitar' baby on the outside, release dates and other information on the inside]

cd: ANYONE CAN PLAY GUITAR (Capitol DPRO\79773, ../94)(US) [1 track promo]

cd: CREEP (acoustic KROQ) (Capitol DPRO 79257, ../95)(US) [1 track promo]

cd: FAKE PLASTIC TREES (edit) /fake plastic trees (album vn.) (Capitol DPRO\79567, 3/95)(US) [promo]

7": FAKE PLASTIC TREES/the bends (Capitol S7-18728, ../95)(US) [jukebox only]

cd: HIGH & DRY(Capitol DPRO\11225, ../96)(US) [1 track promo]

7": HIGH & DRY/black star (Capitol S7\19017, ../..)(US) [jukebox only promo]

cd: PARANOID ANDROID (Capitol .. , 5/97)(US) [? track promo]

cass: AIWA walkman + permabonded cassette promo for OK COMPUTER (6/97)

cd: OK COMPUTER (Capitol CDP 7243 8 55229 2 5, ../97) [12 track promo] [white card slv. - track list in black text]

cd: |LET DOWN(edit) (Capitol DPRO 7087 6 12047 2 8, 6/97)(US) [1 track promo]["capitol" digipak slv.]

cd: LET DOWN(edit) (Capitol DPRO 12091, ../97)(US) [1 track promo][jewel case, no inlay]

7": LET DOWN(edit) /karma police (Capitol 724381962473, ../97)(US) [no ps][jukebox only promo]

cd: KARMA POLICE(Capitol DPRO 7087 6 12804 2 5, 11/97)(US) [1 track promo][jewel case]

cd: COLLEGE KARMA EP (Capitol DPRO 7087 6 12073 2 3, 1/98)(US) [promo] [full color digipak; outside artwork identical to UK paranoid android sleeve] karma police /polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) /pearly /a reminder /melatonin /paranoid android

cd: NO SUPRISES (Capitol DPRO 70817 6 12841 2 6, 4/98)(US) [promo][digipak]