This webpage was originally started as a hobby for the designer. It has now been changed into the ultimate story of the lives and times of five of the most talented men in the record industry- the men that comprise Radiohead. They have traveled the road to success with their talent, their ethics and each other. Because of that, this page is for them and for you, the ultimate fan. Because it is the story of their success, the page should be operated as such. The banner you see at the top of this page is located at the top of the other pages as well. These are meant to progress you through the webpage, so to "turn the page" you simply click the banner. This page should also be viewed in a specific font, so if you can't see the font, please click here and install the font. Also, for your ultimate enjoyment, please enlarge the window by simply clicking the "maximize" box in the top right of your screen. There have been many things added and many things subtracted from the content of this page. I hope you enjoy. When you approach the end and you think you want to sign the guestbook, simply click the banners at the top of the page. There are also links to the guestbook from the entrance for your convenience.

Immerse your soul in love

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